Brian Torchin, Staffing Expert

Brian Torchin is President of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC. Before becoming president of this enterprise, Brian Torchin opened and managed offices in various regions such as Philadelphia, Delaware, and Florida.

By now, Torchin has truly become a star in his own right regarding the practice of managing healthcare facilities. After working as a Physician and running his own Chiropractic practice, Torching garnered the know how to effectively manage other practices within the healthcare industry.

The main goal of Brian Torchin’s managed medical practices is to search for and staff employees who will make businesses run smoothly. HCRC staffing also participates in consultation, background checks and staff development. His staffing team works to fill positions in chiropractic jobs, medical jobs, physical therapy jobs, and more.

Brian Torchin offers a truly unique philosophy in his management approach. His successful business model seeks to serve both employee and the customer. How does he do this? An important aspect in pleasing both parties is that he believes in high pay for his employees. Brian holds the belief that if you take care of your employees, they will go the extra mile to serve clients with top notch service and a smile on their face.

This is certainly a practice that many businesses fail to realize. Another unique aspect of his management approach is that he believes mixing up the roles of his staff keeps things fresh and fun for employees. Each staff member is trained in multiple roles so that they are able to switch between several positions weekly or daily.

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin is committed to running an efficient an profitable practice. It’s his attention to detail that really flows through him and into his staff. His commitment is proven by the vast clientele base he has acquired over time. With over two hundred clients that stretching around the globe, the need for his effective staffing program isn’t going anywhere soon.

Not only is the man efficient, but he also values communication greatly which is yet and another key to his success. Brian Torchin intentionally makes himself available to anyone whom may hold questions regarding his company.

Anthony Petrello Is committed To Professional Excellence

Anthony Petrello is a business mogul and the principal of Nabors Industries. Petrello is a mathematician who earned his academic credentials from the notable Yale University and respected Harvard Law School. He also acts as the director of Texas Children Hospital, a treatment center for children with neurological conditions.

Petrello’s acts of charity
Petrello has been donating to and supporting the Texas Children Hospital since his daughter Carena was diagnosed with Periventricular Leukomalacia few weeks after she was born. Petrello and his wife Cynthia Petrello began donating to this organization upon realizing that it is costly to manage neurological disorders in children. This couple has donated more than $10 million to the Texas Hospital, which is involved in conducting extensive research on various medical conditions.

Petrello’s work history

Anthony Petrello joined Nabors Industries in 1991 upon resigning from Baker & McKenzie, a law firm based in New York. He worked at this law firm for over a decade, holding various administrative posts. By the time he was leaving the company, he was the managing partner. Upon joining Nabors Industries, his talents were spotted quickly through his efforts that enabled the company to survive several economic downturns. Petrello also oversaw various major transactions that saw the corporation generate significant amounts of revenue. Since the early 90s, he has held various managerial positions as the president and later executive chairman of the company. Aside from working for Nabors Industries, he serves as the director of and Stewart & Stevenson, LLC. Petrello is a recipient of various professional awards in business and philanthropy.

The Historic Career of Brad Reifler

Today, Brad Reifler is most known as the founder and Chief Executive of Forefront Capital. He’s one of the most experienced entrepreneurs and investors on Wall Street. He has had numerous successful U.S.-based companies. He’s a shining example of what can be accomplished when a hard worker dedicates themselves to getting the job done.

In the late 80s, Brad Reifler founded his first company, Reifler Trading Company. Within a few years, the firm was managing hundreds of millions of dollars in discretionary accounts.

Eventually, the firm began evolving and began doing institutional research, information dissemination, and global derivative advisory. In 2000, after becoming one of the most successful independent futures operations, Brad Reifler sold his company to Refco Inc. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

Before he sold RTC, Reifler had begun making a name for himself as a financial servant. Pali Capital, founded in 1995, was a globally trusted named. It was a sell side broker-dealer firm that focused on equity markets. Reifler was world famous for using a new strategy many referred to as “very differentiated.” He didn’t like the tradition strategy of using funds to simply buy and sell.

Instead, he combined their idea with top research, credit analysis, and derivative structures to create a “packaged” strategy. He then taught his sales traders how to understand and use this strategy successfully.

According to PR Newswire, due to Brad Reifler’s unique strategy, Pali grew in a staggering manner. Within its 13-year timespan, Pali exceeded $1 billion in commission income, employed more than 300 people, and had multiple international offices in four continents.

After decades of success, Brad Reifler was ready for another big success. In 2009, he founded Forefront Capital, LLC. He has now set his sights of operating that major company. Forefront Capital also has numerous subsidiaries, Forefront Advisory, LLC and Forefront Partners, to name a few. Nowadays, Reifler’s hands are full as Founder and CEO of all these companies.

The Forefront umbrella attracts more registered investment advisers, investment bankers, and business leaders every day. Much of the company’s success is due to the Forefront Community.

Innovative EOS spherical lip balm rolls over competition

In a radically innovative move, the upstart EOS took the cosmetic world by storm with their now universally recognized sphere-shaped lip balm. Sanjiv Mehra, EOS co-founder and managing partner, joined with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky (experts in startups) to employ ideas that made their product stand out from all of the competitors by appealing to the wants of a female based target demographic. They kept their pricing at a comparable level to the best-known brands (Chapstick, Blistex) while employing a new ‘tube’ design and creating a product using natural, organic ingredients. Intense advertising and serious research went into the launch of the EOS lip balm, making it a long-term success. Celebrity endorsements and candid shots of them using the lip balm in everyday life gave the product an unprecedented following in the early days. The use of natural, organic ingredients gave EOS the edge in a market with growing demand. In an interview with Elizabeth Segran at Fast Company, Mehra further discusses the details of their explosion into the cosmetic market and the standards they set to continue to stand out from the rest of the pack.

For instance, the productions of the EOS lip balm itself. To break away from the reliance on third party manufacturers, they purchased their equipment and began production using an almost entirely automated system. Not only did this ensure quality control, but it also allowed them to be in place to meet the increasing demands for their lip balm quickly. They were able to avoid any disruptions or delays in getting their product out on Wal-Mart while it was a hot commodity. The speed of delivery coupled with a broad range of ever expanding options has kept the public interest high for this innovative brand. To learn more, visit

Julie Zuckerberg Brings Talent Into Businesses

When Julie Zuckerberg first graduated from college with her degree, she worked hard to make sure that she was doing things the right way and that she was going to be able to do more than what people before her had done. It was something that she wanted to be able to do the right way and something that she worked hard at. Because of this and the dedication that she had with every position she has held, she was able to do more with the options that she has and with the capabilities that she has inspired with the different options.


Because of the way that Julie was able to do more with the businesses and because she was such a hard worker, she was able to take a position with Hudson. This was the first position that she held and she was very good at it. Even right out of college, she had a knack for securing the right kind of talent and being able to help people get the help that they needed. It was something that she was able to do well and something that she was confident in all of the time while she was working with different businesses.


The experience that she had with Hudson was something that she was able to translate to the next phase of her career. She worked with Citi and she helped them get the talent that they needed. The company liked her so much that they were able to do more with her and they even helped her to get the position that she wanted. They planned to make sure that things were going to go the right way and that she could do more with what she had. It was a great way for her to be able to do more and to have more with the company but she turned them down.


The reason that she did not stay with Citi was because she had a better opportunity with New York Life Insurance. This was something that she had been hoping for. She did not plan to stay with that company for the bulk of her career but she wanted, instead, to use it as somewhat of a stepping stone to the next path in her career. She knew that if she had the New York Life Insurance experience behind her that she would be able to go anywhere.


That is exactly what she did with the options that she had available to her. It was something that she worked hard on and something that she was confident in. Because of the experience that she had, she joined Deutsche Bank as the talent executive. They wanted her to be able to work with them and to do for them what she had done for other companies. It was something that gave her the chance to truly take a career-making position. Julie plans to stay with Deutsche Bank for the rest of her career and they hope to keep her, too.


Rick Shinto Acknowledges New Executives at InnovaCare


Excellent leadership is the hallmark of successful businesses and organizations. With a change in leadership, comes restructuring or reorganization in a bid to meet set objectives for successful operations. A good example of such is the recent change in leadership at InnovaCare, a leading healthcare service provider that has boosted expertise in its ladder of leadership. InnovaCare hired three high profile executives with vast experience in health care in the government sector. View the company profile at LinkedIn

Jonathan Meyers

InnovaCare Health appointed Jonathan Meyers as the chief actuary officer. Before his appointment, Meyers was the actuarial service’s director. He handled the Medicare as well as Medicaid programs for BCBS Horizons. Additionally, he served as the chief actuary of HealthCare Partners in the city of New York. His division was specific to heritage medical systems.

Penelope Kokkinides

Appointed as the chief administrative officer was Penelope Kokkinides. Her experience in the health care system dates back to over 20 years, with a specialization in government programs. Penelope’s roles capitalized in offering Medicare and Medicaid programs to managed care industry. She has vast knowledge and expertise in generating clinical programs. She also has experience in managing healthcare processes linked to operations. Her core focus was improving efficiencies and creating organizational infrastructure.

Penelope’s roles

Penelope served as an executive leader for several organizations in the health sector. She was the executive vice president at Centerlight Health Care. Her responsibilities included overseeing strategic management and evaluating daily operations in the division of managed care.

Mike Sortino

The next level of leadership at InnovaCare saw Mike Sortino appointed as chief accounting officer. Initially, he was an executive controller at Samsung Fire, a marine insurance company. Before his appointment as Samsung, Mike was the chief financial officer at HCC Specialty for five years. Mike’s experience in the field dates back to twenty years when he played key roles in insurance firms and five years in the field of public accounting.

Speech of Appreciation

Richard Shinto gave a speech of acknowledgment and explained the possibilities of the newly appointed team to take InnovaCare to the next level. Shinto said that the new management team symbolized the high-level InnovaCare is destined for. Each addition marked a rich background and innovative skill for management.

About Richard Shinto

Shinto is the president and chief executive officer of InnovaCare Health Solutions. He has over twenty years’ experience in the health sector. He also served at MMM Healthcare as the chief executive officer. His roles as an executive leader extended to PMC Medicare Choice Inc. Read more info at Crunchbase.

Betsy Devos Discusses Federal Intervention into Higher Education Systems

Betsy Devos, the newly appointed Secretary of Education for the United States government, has recently made headlines with her statements regarding the federal government’s role in the accreditation process of universities and colleges. Betsy Devos made remarks establishing her position on federal intervention into accreditation issues after an article was publicized by a national media outlet demanding that the federal government develop strict regulations on the accreditation process of public colleges and universities. Betsy Devos, a politically active individual known for her strong ties to and support of the Republican party, has stated her concern with the creation of strict regulations for public universities, citing her long-established history as a supporter of limited government as her primary reason for not supporting the efforts to regulate the collegiate accreditation process.

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Because Devos began her politically active career as a champion for school choice and quality options for impoverished families, some supporters of federal regulation of collegiate accreditation believed that the Secretary of Education would have a vested interest in the regulation of the accreditation process. After all, Betsy Devos has spent almost three decades fighting for the development of superior education alternatives for Michigan students. Supporters of federal intervention believe that the accreditation process should be regulated in an effort to ensure that the public interest is protected. These supporters have raised several problems with the current collegiate accreditation process, including the fact that most institutions are accredited by members of the same college boards with which they are affiliated. This fact, supporters argue, is detrimental to the general accreditation process and can allow colleges and universities to generate subpar educational standards and ultimately produce workers who are unqualified to compete in a global market.

In her public statement regarding the controversial move to regulate the accreditation process, Betsy Devos discussed the role of the Department of Education and made it clear that she had no intentions to expand the department’s role during her administration. This statement was met with frustration by the supporters of federal intervention but should have been expected given Devos’ political history. As a major supporter of conservative candidates, Betsy Devos and her husband Dick Devos have played a consistent role in the development of educational policies and procedures that allow United States citizens to remain in control of their own outcomes. The school choice program, for instance, that Devos instituted in Grand Rapids, Michigan was heavily praised by the state’s conservative party for its combined ability to assist needy families with educational options and allow parents to keep their inherent control of their children’s educational outcomes. Liberal leaders have announced plans to continue to seek federal intervention in the accreditation process but are not expected to succeed.

Read more about their foundation at

George Soros Can Use His Capital To Bring Up Down Trodden Citizens

An incredible degree of the dilemmas all over the globe take place from a massive scarcity of wealth. Scores of the populace are jailed, for the reason being that they are unable to retain a litigator to protect them. Loads of the general public is prohibited from finding progress with life as they’re not the same as others in the community, and they’re harassed by oppressors. Others undergo destructive maladies, and there is only available fund for buying cannabis to lessen their anguish, so they’re taken before a Judge if they’re found out. George Soros wishes to help such people, and comprehends that his cache of money can aid them.

George underwent a moment of enormous oppression when he was a kid. The Third Reich disheartened his religious family when he was a youth in Hungary. George’s birth name was switched from being Schwartz, a Jewish family name, to become Soros. This new name is an Esperanto expression, an unfamiliar language to most people. Following Hitler’s defeat, Mr. Soros arrived in London to seek out a Master’s in subject of economics and in addition a Master’s in the subject of philosophy. This collection of knowledge was of great assistance to George for finding success in the trade of economics. Visit to know more about George Soros

He befell employment at a successful and well-known brokerage group, Singer and Friedlander. He quickly became aware of how to create a cache of wealth by increasing his proceeds by offering securities to various countries. Mr. Soros then made use of his new found wealth to arrive in America, hoping to find a profitable life. He attained his American citizenship and then Mr. Soros began employment on Wall Street. His deep knowledge of economic dealings while at scores of Wall Street groups supported George with launching a group of his own; a hedge fund group recognized as the Soros Fund. Ultimately, switched to Open Society Foundation, He used his money, out of this group to benevolently assist a lot of individual people and also groups. Mr. Soros isn’t happy when individuals face oppression because they are poor or when they can’t hold up against unfairness. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

George’s group has the yearning to provide money for educational aspirations of the needy, medical support for the poor, and to pay for litigators to care for the needy by fighting to free them from imprisonment. He has also worked hard to elect creditable Presidents to the White House, such as Hillary Clinton through her crusade for Presidency. The Clinton family are all great acquaintances of George Soros and he comprehends that Hillary ought to be best for bringing in an open and free society.

Adam Goldenberg Rebrands His Company As TechStyle Fashion Group

Adam Goldenberg has been changing things up as the owner of a fashion retail company, and now he’s also changing the name of this company. The company is JustFab, a women’s clothing line that is also the parent company to ShoeDazzle, Fabletics, FabMen, and FabKids. JustFab has just changed its name to TechStyle Fashion Group, a name that Goldenberg and his co-CEO Don Ressler have thought is fitting to the company’s new objectives. JustFab operated solely online for a few years, though they’ve now added physical stores in various locations, and they’ve used a subscription model and special VIP membership status as part of their business model at They’ve also now incorporated big data analytics into their customized shopping mix, and it’s prompted the change to TechStyle.

Adam Goldenberg has not only changed his own company name, he’s been a part of many business changes throughout the years. He started out at quite the young age of 15, the founder of a gaming niche website called Gamer’s Alliance. That company on became fairly popular quick, and in just a few years it was bought out by Intermix Media. Goldenberg went to work for Intermix Media, starting off as the Director of Creative Strategy and then becoming the Chief Operating Officer at only 20 years old. He became friends with Don Ressler, another executive at the company and a leading marketing strategist.

Read more: TechStyle’s data-driven fashion – CNBC Video

Goldenberg and Ressler had plans to take Intermix Media big, especially after the company began the new social media hit, MySpace at Goldenberg and Ressler founded an e-commerce subsidiary called Alena Media, and it did quite well. But then News Corp bought out Intermix Media and MySpace, and Alena Media was no longer used. The two men left Intermix Media and decided to start Intelligent Beauty, their own e-commerce brand. Under Intelligent Beauty, Goldenberg and Ressler started marketing various health, wellness and cosmetics products. Then they decided to start JustFab in 2010.

The company became popular largely because of its affordable attire, and an integration of social media into its shopping interface. Two celebrities who took an interest in JustFab were Kimora Lee Simmons, and Kate Hudson who has adopted Fabletics as her fashion line. The company has received quite a few infusions of venture capital from companies such as Crosscut Ventures and Josh Hannah’s Matrix Partners, totaling about $285 million altogether. JustFab has become cash-flow independent now and is valuated at over $1 billion.

Sam Boraie: Real Estate Success And Non-profit Advocate

When Omar Boraie left his native country of Egypt he was a scholar with a background in and affinity for chemistry. Chances are he probably thought he would be spending the rest of his life doing research and surrounded by beakers and petri dishes. As fate would have it Omar Boraie’s life has probably turned out to be much different than he imagined it would be all those years ago. Today he is the Chief Executive Officer of Boraie Development, a real estate development company located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Instead of spending his time calculating complex chemical equations he is spending it heading up what is likely one of New Jersey’s foremost family-owned real estate companies. His son Sam Boraie is following in his father’s footsteps and is deeply involved in Boraie Development. While his father heads up the company Sam serves as the Vice President of Boraie Development. Sam helps to lead the company along with the help of his siblings which include a sister and an older brother. Much of his work at the company involves helping to guide its growth strategy.

According to Bloomberg, Boraie Development is known for helping to revitalize New Brunswick’s city center and turn it into an area that draws in commercial residents and professionals that are seeking residential real estate in the area. What sets the company that Sam runs with his family apart from other real estate firms is the fact that it is a full service real estate firm that has cultivated many areas of expertise with regards to the real estate business. It has mastered the very complicated and involved process of real estate development and has spent many years helping to make concepts for new buildings and residences a reality in the New Jersey area. Real estate development is a capital intensive process. It takes a lot of resources after all to turn empty lots, open fields and dilapidated buildings into skyscrapers and sophisticated lofts. Boraie Development runs its business in such a way that allows it to use its own financial resources in addition to using other resources such as funds from commercial banks to fund its development projects. The property development projects that Boraie Development has created have been effective in creating healthy and prosperous residential and business communities.

In addition to having a strong track record in real estate development that spans three decades, Sam Boraie and his family have also managed to build a company that has a strong real estate sales division. Boraie Development does more than just build beautiful buildings, it is also in the business of selling those buildings, reports Yahoo News. The company’s real estate sales division, known as Boraie Realty, has been responsible for moving more than $150 million in property. The company also has a property management division proving that it has a comprehensive view of the real estate business. Boraie Development is able to successfully take a property from the stage of being a blueprint to being a completed building with residents. In addition to helping his family run their successful real estate empire in New Jersey Sam Boraie is also a member of the advisory board of the non-profit organization Elijah’s Promise. As a board member Sam helps the organization achieve its mission of feeding the hungry and providing culinary-related job training to those that need it.